If you’re worried about the possibility of flooding in your Orange County, CA home, then there are a few mitigation tips you can try. Many storm damage restoration professionals recommend the following five tips for preventing storm caused damage. Remember, if damage does occur, they can also help with cleanup and repairs.

1. Clean Out Gutters

One of the first things to remember is to keep the roof gutters and downspouts clear of debris. Clogged gutters can lead to water overflow, which can then flood your roof. Check for dirt and debris such and leaves and twigs which can slow the flow of water drainage.

rain on roof

Keep your roof clear of debris and gutters clean!

2. Trim Back Trees

You may also want to trim back and loose, dead or overhanging branched on the trees around your home. This will help prevent these from coming free during a storm and falling in a way that causes storm damage to the property.

3. Sandbag At-risk Areas

Another recommended step is to sandbag around areas that may be a high risk during a large storm. This can include doorways, and window wells, but can also protect other areas around the property prone to flooding.

sand bags

Use Sand Bags to keep water out!

4. Clean Up the Yard

It’s also advised to pick up anything in your yard that could be knocked around by storm winds to keep it from being blown into your home. This included sticks or other debris, as well as toys or lawn ornaments. You may also want to bring lawn furniture inside until the storm is over.

5. Install a Sump Pump

If you’re worried about flood damage in the basement of your home you may want to consider installing a sump pump. This fixture can help remove flood water before it can cause damage.

When trying to prevent storm caused flooding at your home it’s a good idea to consider these fire tips. Clean debris from your gutters, trim back trees of dead or overhanging branches and clean up the yard. You may also want to sandbag at-risk areas and install a sump pump. Remember, if damage does occur a professional restoration team can help.