Although you cannot see them, mold spores exist throughout homes, buildings, and outdoor environments. The spores are microscopic and can easily spread from place to place. When they land in a favorable setting, such as a warm and moist attic or basement, they can spread into colonies, forming dark-colored patches on walls, ceilings, and floors. There are hundreds of different types of mold, and upwards of 20 different species of black mold, often cited for its ability to affect indoor air quality. If you discover mold in your place of business or suspect its presence, calling JGB Restoration, your local restoration company in Orange County, CA, has many benefits.

The Reasons for a Fast Response

A nearby professional mold cleanup company can arrive quickly to your property and offer an assessment of the mold problem. Waiting too long can have the following detrimental impacts on your building and your bottom line:

  • Most types of mold, including black mold, can spread in as little as 48-72 hours
  • Mold growth produces a musty, unpleasant odor
  • Mold breaks down materials such as drywall
  • Mold infestation costs more to clean up the longer it lingers
Mold containment seeks to keep the mold in one spot through the use of physical barriers and negative air chambers. Once the mold is contained, it can be captured with the use of HEPA vacuums and air filtration systems. While this is ongoing, technicians will work to identify a moisture problem in your building, which is often the cause of a mold outbreak.
mold test

Testing for Mold

The Best Methods for Restoration

Getting rid of a fungus problem, including black mold, requires trained professionals and specialized equipment. The right cleaning agents sanitize surfaces and kill mold. They prevent mold from returning to your property. Accurate testing of the presence of mold before, during, and after the cleanup allows technicians to target affected areas and to keep the mold infestation under control.