How Do You Extinguish a Grease Fire?

Kitchen and other cooking-related infernos are the number one cause of residential fires in the United States. The majority of these fires are caused when grease ignites food or other combustible kitchen items. Because these incidents are so common, it's very important that you learn how to put out a grease fire. Consult the following

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How To Safely Get Rid of Mold

Mold spores, to a certain extent, are present in most places inside your house. The problem occurs when the spores are exposed to water. Once that happens, the mold can grow into larger formations, causing odors and mold contamination in your home in Huntington Beach, CA. How To Reduce the Conditions for Mold Growth When

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Fire Sprinkler Basics From Start to Finish

Right after fire extinguishers and fire alarms, a fire sprinkler system is perhaps the most valuable tool a company can own for fire protection. The right system in your building in Huntington Beach, CA could save you thousands of dollars in damages. That's because sprinklers could put out an incipient fire before it causes hardly

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Make Sure Your Commercial Building Is Ready for a Storm

A strong and durable building exterior can pay big dividends when the next storm hits Orange County, CA. High winds, heavy rains, and frequent lightning will exploit the weakness in a building that is poorly maintained or that is constructed with fragile materials. At least twice a year, a thorough inspection of your building's exterior,

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An Overview of Commercial Mold

Although you cannot see them, mold spores exist throughout homes, buildings, and outdoor environments. The spores are microscopic and can easily spread from place to place. When they land in a favorable setting, such as a warm and moist attic or basement, they can spread into colonies, forming dark-colored patches on walls, ceilings, and floors.

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When Do Pipes Need To Be Replaced?

Pipes simply don’t last forever. Some plumbing materials may endure longer than others and be less prone to leak than polybutylene pipes. Learn about the lifespan of common pipe materials to plan plumbing maintenance for a commercial building. Metallic Pipes Metallic pipes were more popular in the past. These materials are durable, but typically cost

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5 Flood Damage Mitigation Tips for Your Home

If you’re worried about the possibility of flooding in your Orange County, CA home, then there are a few mitigation tips you can try. Many storm damage restoration professionals recommend the following five tips for preventing storm caused damage. Remember, if damage does occur, they can also help with cleanup and repairs. 1. Clean Out

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