Mold spores, to a certain extent, are present in most places inside your house. The problem occurs when the spores are exposed to water. Once that happens, the mold can grow into larger formations, causing odors and mold contamination in your home in Huntington Beach, CA.

How To Reduce the Conditions for Mold Growth

When water is mixed with high humidity, it creates an environment that is perfect for mold growth. A dehumidifier is an excellent way to keep the humidity down. Always keep it below 45 percent to discourage mold growth. Even at low humidity, however, the bathroom is a common place for mold to grow. Practice the following habits in the bathroom:

  • Wipe down the tile and other surfaces in the shower or bathtub area after use.
  • Turn on the fan when you enter the bathroom and leave it on for an hour or so after you have bathed or showered.
  • If the weather permits, open a bathroom window.
  • Remove all damp towels from the bathroom and allow them to dry in an open area that is less humid.

How To Remove Mold From Your Home

Unless the mold is contained in a very small area, such as on food in the refrigerator, it’s imperative to call a mold remediation specialist right away. In many cases, the extent of the mold contamination can’t be detected by just looking around. Mold may be growing inside the walls or above the ceiling. Highly trained technicians will inspect the entire area to determine the cause of the mold so that the source of any water leaks can be removed. The specialists use industrial equipment to remove the water, if applicable. They clean the entire area using specialized cleaning agents and then apply microbial treatments to remove contaminants and mold.

If you suspect mold contamination in your home, call JGB Restoration right away to address the problem.