A strong and durable building exterior can pay big dividends when the next storm hits Orange County, CA. High winds, heavy rains, and frequent lightning will exploit the weakness in a building that is poorly maintained or that is constructed with fragile materials. At least twice a year, a thorough inspection of your building’s exterior, with an eye toward how well it will hold up in a fierce storm, should be undertaken. This will give you a good idea of the state of exterior maintenance of your building. If the property is in good shape, great, but you still might want to consider improvements. If the building needs attention, at least you’ve given yourself time to do something.

commercial roof

Exterior Maintenance on a Commercial Building

Warning Signs

A building inspection should alert you to potential problems. Always pay attention to these warning signs:

  • Cracked or crumbling foundation
  • Broken windows or signs of peeling caulking
  • Broken, cracked or missing shingles
  • Missing or busted gutter systems
  • Stained areas of the exterior

As much as possible, increase exterior maintenance to shore up these issues to a sturdy level. Repair windows or replace them with new and stronger windows. Take the condition of your roof seriously, as the roof is critical to protecting everything in your building. Also, make sure water can drain properly away from the foundation by cleaning, repairing, or replacing all parts of the drainage system.

Critical Steps

A building maintained to high standards goes a long way toward protecting your company during a storm. Other ways to prepare include partnering with a trusted storm remediation team in your area. A local franchisee can be at your property in under four hours, offering assistance during a disaster. No matter what aid you need, they are Here to Help if the outside of your building fails in a big storm. Regular exterior maintenance is key to keeping your building and your company strong.