Unfortunately, mold is not always a problem you can address once and then forget about. Mold sometimes comes back, even when it appears to have been completely removed. Familiarizing yourself with these four reasons for repeated mold growth can help you avoid this problem.

1. Trying To Save Wet Items

High humidity and moist conditions provide a fertile ground for mold to grow. Because people have a sentimental attachment to their possessions or simply do not want to spend the money to replace them, they often attempt to save wet items that should be thrown out. These wet items can be contaminated with spores that are difficult to remove by simply cleaning the items.

2. Cleaning With Bleach

A lot of people believe that they can kill mold by using bleach. Unfortunately, bleach can make items and surfaces appear clean by changing the color of the mold, but not actually removing it. To avoid recurring mold growth, it may be a better idea to contact a mold remediation company such as JGB Restoration, than to attempt do-it-yourself removal.

3. Failure To Repair Leaky Pipes and Poor Ventilation

Water damage from leaking pipes combined with poor ventilation can create ideal conditions for mold. To prevent growth from recurring, it is important to fix any leaks and other sources of moisture and ensure all areas of your building have proper ventilation.

4. Not Removing Moldy Paint

It may be tempting to try to cover up a problem by painting over moldy walls with mold-resistant paint. However, the spores trapped in the original coat of paint can still multiply and eventually come to the surface. To avoid this problem, you should strip the old paint off the walls, before applying the new coat of paint.
Mold growth that keeps coming back can be a frustrating problem. Understanding why this happens is the key to avoiding it.