Flood Cuts in Your Laguna Beach Home

If your Laguna Beach home is affected by flooding, there is much more than water to worry about. Along with prized possessions potentially taking water damage, the structural components of a home aren’t typically friendly with moisture. Depending on the amount of water loss, getting professional help is key. Once the experts arrive, they may have to tear out the drywall, determining how much is needed for an effective flood cut.

What Is a Flood Cut?

This process involves the cutting and removal of a section of drywall. The cut is typically made approximately 2 feet above the highest level the water reached. They serve three main purposes:

Access to Damage – The primary benefit is to provide access to areas behind the wall that may be saturated and allow for the easier removal of affected materials.
Drying Out – Once the section is removed, it provides a better opportunity to dry out framing and other wood components that are hidden. The faster the flooding moisture is removed, the less chanced of secondary damage, such as mold growth, to occur.

Prevention – While a pipe burst may be freshwater, a flood likely means that bacteria and other contamination have been carried into the home. From mud to sewage and chemicals, contaminants get absorbed as water wicks up into walls.

Is It Always Necessary?

A flood cut may not be used in cases of clean water damage, but that depends on the source of the problem. If the wall is insulated, water and insulation don’t mix. A cut may be necessary to access the potential damage to insulation, even if the drywall has minimal damage and can be dried out without replacement. If the water was from a contaminated source, a flood cut is almost always recommended.

Although having to tear out portions of a home due to flooding may not seem ideal, the benefits outweigh the initial mess. Counting on a professional is key to ensuring your home is returned to normal without lingering hidden damage. Call JGB Restoration for immediate assistance after water damage.