Water starts dripping from the ceiling, then it becomes a trickle, and soon it's pouring over your desk. Old pipes or frozen water can lead to bursting pipes. If your office is dealing with water damage in your Irvine, CA business, here are four steps to take to get things under control and clean up your office so that you can get back to business ASAP.

1. Think Safety First

You can't be sure what's in the water that is inundating your office, so start by getting everyone away from the mess. Think about potential dangers such as electrical wiring or devices that could be in the water, as well as the quality of water that is coming from the pipes.

2. Shut It Off

When dealing with bursting pipes, it is important to find the water shut off valve and stop the water flow. You may also want to turn off the electricity if there's a chance that something electrical is touching the water.

3. Call For Help

As soon as you can, call a professional to fix the broken pipe. You also want to have someone assess the extent of the damage that has occurred in the building and do the cleanup and repairs quickly and completely. JGB specializes in commercial water restoration services, and is here to help limit business interruption.

4. Clean Up Quickly

When it is safe to do so, start to get rid of the water by mopping it up or using a shop vacuum. Open windows, fans, and heaters also help dry out wet areas. Move furniture and filing cabinets to clean underneath them.

Bursting pipes at an office can cause a lot of damage. Responding quickly helps you to get the situation under control and cleaned up so you can get back to business as quickly as possible. Our team is here to help 24/7, 365.