Fire damage is never easy to deal with. Whether it happens in a home or business, fire damage comes with structural damages, odor problems from the smoke and damaged personal belongings. All of these issues are easily fightable when you call JGB Restoration for assistance. Our team is trained in fire and smoke damage restoration services. Here is just how our team at JGB Restoration cleans fire and smoke damage: 

Structural Assessment and Inspection

As soon as our team steps foot across your property, we begin the inspection process. We always make sure the property has been given the “all clear” from firefighters before entering the property to ensure safety. Our team uses specialized equipment and inspection techniques to find every possible inch of damages. 

Smoke and Odor Removal

Once the team is finished with inspection, the smoke and odor removal begins. Restoration companies use various methods to perform smoke and odor removal after a fire. The specific methods used depend on the extent of the damage, the materials affected, and the type of smoke present. Here are the most common methods we use at JGB for smoke and odor removal: 

  1. Air Scrubbers: These are machines that filter the air and remove particles and contaminants. Restoration companies use air scrubbers to remove smoke particles from the air, which helps reduce the odor.
  2. Thermal Fogging: This method involves using a machine that heats a deodorizing solution to create a fog. The fog penetrates porous materials and neutralizes the odor molecules.
  3. Ozone Generators: Restoration companies use ozone generators to remove the smoke odor from the air. Ozone molecules bond with the odor molecules, neutralizing them.
  4. Deodorizing: Restoration companies may use specialized deodorizing agents to neutralize the odor molecules. These agents are safe for use on most surfaces and materials.

Fire Damage Cleaning

Your home or business not only may smell like smoke or soot after a fire, but your property is probably full of damaged materials, structural elements and personal belongings. Our team at JGB begins the fire damage cleanup process while removing the odors. We perform fire damage cleaning with our board up and reconstruction services. 

We board up a home or business if the windows have been blown out or severely damaged, and the property needs to be completely closed off while we make repairs. This allows us to perform any restoration services in one part of the building, while other parts may still be used by residents or employees. When structural or foundational elements are damaged by fire, our team is trained to complete reconstruction services to bring your property back to its pre-fire conditions.  

Contents Restoration and Packouts

Restoration companies typically perform contents restoration or packouts by first inventorying, packing, and transporting the belongings to a climate-controlled warehouse. JGB does this if your items have been damaged by fire, smoke or soot. We prioritized a detailed process, making sure we packout any items that are hazardous or simply need to be cleaned up. Our team provides a printed copy of the inventory items and works simultaneously to restore, clean, and deodorize them. They also track and document the contents throughout the restoration process, and provide easy access to items when needed. 

Water Removal if Necessary

If the fire on the property was put out using water, either from sprinklers or from firefighting efforts, you more than likely also have some water damage on your property. JGB Restoration has years of experience in water damage restoration and removal. Our team uses portable extraction units, dehumidifiers, water removal wands and many other types of equipment to quickly remove water and moisture from your property. We work as quickly as possible to remove the water on your property while fixing the fire damages. If water damage after fire goes undetected, it could lead to mold damage in your property, so make sure to tell our team how the fire was put out! 

Our team at JGB Restoration is trained and educated to help any business or residential owner after fire and smoke damage. We follow a thorough process to ensure your property is fully restored and no smoke or fire damage is detected. Contact our team of professionals at JGB Restoration if you need fire and smoke damage restoration services.