The damages and cleanup of a house fire can range from soot-covered walls to smoke sneaking into every tiny crevice. It's best to call a professional cleaning and restoration company to ensure your home's air quality is comfortable to live in again after suffering smoke damage. Read below to learn how a restoration company utilizes various techniques and equipment to tackle smoke cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA.

Smoke Odor Cleaning

Technicians must remove the odor source before they can begin to eliminate smoke odor from your home. Walls, doors, shelving, floors, and countertops are some of the exposed areas that need to be thoroughly wiped down and sanitized to remove soot residue. After cleaning and sanitizing, technicians will focus on deodorizing the affected rooms.

Using Equipment to Remove Smoke

Air purifiers are essential in removing smoke. They work best against smoke when a HEPA filter combines with a carbon filter. Air purifiers draw the air from a room through a HEPA filter, trapping fine particles and pollutants and reintroducing the filtered air back into the room. The addition of a porous carbon filter acts as an absorbent of odors.

Ozone is a gas made up of three oxygen molecules. The third molecule attaches to odor-causing molecules and alters the chemical composition, thus eliminating the odor. Other than trained specialists handling the equipment, humans and pets should not be inside the home when the machines are on. They will run for hours inside the house; the time required varies depending upon the size and number of rooms affected.

Thermal foggers are machines that heat deodorizers and turn them into fog. The fog behaves like smoke and travels into the tiny, hard-to-reach areas that smoke has reached. Trained specialists will use home-scale thermal foggers. Humans and pets should not be inside the home during the fogging treatment.

No one needs to live with the leftover smell of smoke after a house fire. Smoke cleaning is achievable through several cleaning techniques and deodorizing equipment available with the help of restoration specialists.