When it comes to plumbing problems, a leaking toilet is in a class of its own. Use these tips to replace a malfunctioning toilet in your Huntington Beach, CA, home. If the leak causes water damage, restoration specialists will send the help you need faster, no matter the size of the disaster. Highly trained teams quickly remove water and prevent secondary damage.

Steps To Replace Your Toilet

1. Turn Off the Water

Locate the water shut-off valve behind or positioned below the toilet in a basement. Close the valve by turning it clockwise.

2. Remove the Water

Flush the toilet until the water is gone. You may have to use a small paper cup to remove the dregs of water left in the bowl. Take the lid off the tank to monitor the drainage there. Any water remaining in the tank can be sopped up with a rag or sponge.

3. Remove the Leaking Toilet

Unfasten the shutoff valve's compression nuts. Remove the nuts with a wrench after unfastening the closet bolt's caps. Then, gently shimmy the toilet back and forth, gripping the bowl beneath the seat hinges. Once the wax seal breaks, pull the old toilet off the floor and set it on a towel.

4. Replace the Toilet

Some leaks can be fixed with some toilet repair, while others require a new toilet. Either way, you will have to install a toilet.
Carry the toilet to the flange by gripping the bowl beneath the seat hinges. Set it in the proper position on the wax gasket by referencing the closet bolts. Then, apply pressure to the toilet bowl rim to compress the gasket. If the toilet is parallel to the wall, tighten the closet bolts. Apply pressure to the bowl rim and tighten the closet bolts again until they aren't loose. The water supply tube's loose end connecting to the shutoff valve needs to be fastened. Then, open the valve and flush the toilet to monitor for leaking. Tighten the nuts if leaks occur.

Don't let a leaking toilet ruin your day. A local restoration team is usually available 24/7 to serve your water remediation needs.