When a fire breaks out in your Irvine, CA business, the heat and flames can rise and cause damage the roof that may result in additional issues. Once that happens, along with fire cleanup and roof repair, you may be faced with water and mold damage. Below are three steps to take after a fire to keep other damage at bay.

1. File a Claim

After the flames are out and the property is deemed safe to enter, call your commercial property insurance provider. The sooner a claim is made, the sooner repairs can begin. That is especially important if the roof is part of the claim. Since it is designed to protect the inner workings, any holes or leaks may cause additional downtime and issues.

2. Document Damage

Before fire cleanup starts, take videos and photos of all the damage. It is important to not make any repairs until an adjuster has arrived on the scene and given the go-ahead. Documenting ahead of time will help make the process go more smoothly for the adjuster, as well as creates vital documentation of losses. During the wait, gather any documents or receipts that can verify the cost of items and save any receipts that are directly correlated to the damage.

3. Temporary Coverings

No matter which insurer you use, most have a stipulation that the property owner must mitigate further damage. If the roof has a whole or windows are broken, considering contacting a tarp services provider to properly secure the property while waiting for repairs to begin. If the exposed areas are left as is, any additional rainfall may mean facing more severe damage. These professionals will install tarps, use plyboards or other techniques to prevent the spread of damage. This also an important step to keep potential vandals or thieves at bay.

The fire cleanup process itself may be complex, so it’s important to immediately mitigate any other damage to ensure proper coverage and ensure faster restoration.