The bathroom gets a lot of use, which is why it is difficult to spot water damage—especially if you don’t know what to look for. Familiarize yourself with these signs of water damage, and if you suspect that water damage has occurred in your home, then contact JGB restoration right away. We assess the situation and provide you with our expert advice on what needs to be done next and create a plan of action for you.

Musty Smell

If you notice a musty smell in your bathroom, it's likely because of mold or mildew. Mold spores are microscopic and float through the air, so they are carried into your home on clothing or shoes. Mildew is a fungus that grows on organic material, such as wood or fabric. It is black, white, or green in color and typically appears as a fuzzy growth on walls, ceilings, and floors. They both grow best in damp areas like bathrooms, kitchens and basements--but even small amounts of moisture cause them to form if left unchecked.

If you're experiencing this problem at home: don't attempt to clean it yourself, as some cleaning products make the problem worse. Call the professionals at JGB Restoration immediately! We've got you covered with our professional mold removal services. Our team assesses the situation and recommends solutions tailored specifically for your needs--from removing existing mold growth all the way up through complete restoration of affected areas.

Wetness in Cabinets

Moisture in the cabinet above your bathroom sink is a sign of a leaky pipe. If you see water stains on your walls or baseboards, it's likely that there are leaks in these areas as well.

If you notice moisture in the cabinets above your bathroom sink, check for signs of wetness around any pipes or faucets by running hot and cold water through them. If there is any leakage from these fixtures, call an experienced plumber immediately!

Leaky Pipe

A leaky pipe obviously causes water damage in your bathroom, so it's important to know how to spot one.

  • Check under the sink and look for wet spots on the floor, walls or ceiling.
  • If your sink has a cabinet underneath it, take off the door and inspect the back side of the sink baseboard. You may see discoloration in those areas if there is a leaky pipe there.
  • Look at any pipes that are visible (for example, those running behind mirrors). They may be wet or discolored where they enter walls or cabinets. If so, this could indicate a problem with those particular pipes as well as with others further away from you that are connected through unseen venting systems within walls. This makes them harder to detect visually but still possible sources of water damage nonetheless!

Peeling or Bubbling Wallpaper and Paint

Water damage causes wallpaper to peel off the wall, especially in areas where there's been standing water for a long time. The same goes for paint--if your bathroom has suffered from water damage, it may have left behind bubbles that appear as though they're trying to pop out of their seams.

If this happens in your home, don't worry! The good news is that both wallpaper and paint are repainted over again (or removed) without causing any permanent damage.  This presents an opportunity to modernize your bathroom if you want something new in its place. We recommend looking into replacing your outdated design with something fresh and new!

Contact JGB Restoration

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