Candles start thousands of home fires every year. This results in millions of dollars in property damage. Yet, because they provide ambient lighting and can also provide a relaxing aroma, people continue to use them for every day home use. If you enjoy using candles in your home in Irvine, CA, taking a few precautions can improve the safety of your home and those who live in it by reducing the risk of a candle fire.

Using Candles Safely

When using candles, the homeowner should always be aware of any nearby fire hazards. Also, don't light a candle if you know you'll be leaving the home soon. You could inadvertently leave the candle burning. Here are some more tips for candle fire safety.

-If oxygen is used in the home, don't light candles at all.
-Choose candle holders that won't tip over.
-Keep clutter clear of your candle placement.
-Don't use candles in bedrooms.
-Blow out candles before you go to another part of the home.
-Discard candles before they burn completely.
-Don't place candles within 12 inches of anything that is flammable.

A candle is basically a small fire and should always be respected as such. Should a candle cause a fire, smoke damage or worse could occur and your home may require smoke cleanup and restoration.

Alternatives to Candles

Whether you enjoy candles for the mood and warmth they provide a room, or simply because they smell good, there are alternatives to candles that are safer because they don't require using an open flame.

- For smell, consider plug-in air fresheners and essential oils stick diffusers. Both of these options have the ability to provide more fragrance than a candle.
-For light, there are flameless candles on the market that even flicker like a real candle. They use a small battery that provide hours of use.
-Knowing the risks of a candle fire is the first step in using candles responsibly. Choosing a candle alternative reduces the likelihood of experiencing a disaster.