Few things may strike fear into the hearts of homeowners quite like the harsh reality of a pipe break. After the stress and expense of quickly finding and fixing the initial problem, the clean up and repair of your home and its furnishings can seem like an even higher and harder mountain to climb. Luckily for you and your bank account, there are a couple of key factors to consider that may help you salvage some of your belongings and save a few pennies, too. When assessing the situation be sure to consider the following:

• The contamination level of the water
• How long the water was left to sit
• How quickly you will be able to react

Contamination Levels Matter

If the water entering your home originated from a source free of contaminants, such as an overflowing sink or pipe break, there is a good chance the water is clean and, therefore, the affected property might be salvageable. For example, professional cleaners may be able to assist you in restoring your carpet if you have suffered from clean water damage. However, should the water originate from a more polluted source, such as floodwater or a sewage leak, restoration may be highly unlikely.

Quick Action Is Key

Unfortunately, the contamination level of sitting water may change over time. If water damage is left untreated for 24 to 48 hours, the degree to which the water is polluted may rise. So while your belongings may have been ripe for rescue after the initial pipe break, if repairing the damage is delayed, replacing the contaminated possessions may be the only safe solution. It is prudent to contact professional water restoration experts as quickly as possible to avoid turning a once salvageable situation into a remove-and-replace endeavor.

If you have suffered unexpected water damage in Laguna Hills, CA, you may be able to save some of your saturated belongings. Just remember, when it comes to dealing with tarnished furnishings and carpet, water contamination levels and time are crucial factors to a happy outcome. Always be sure to seek professional assistance if there is a possibility you are dealing with contaminated water or property.