Every one of your employees uses the restroom. Whether you have a small group of employees or you have more than 100 hundred team members, your plumbing system is in constant use. Filling water bottles, washing hands and flushing the toilet are only a few of the ways your water system will be in use. There are a few issues that could cause a pause to your everyday commercial building operations. These issues can have a negative effect on the plumbing system of your building. The four most common sewage problems in commercial buildings are: 

  1. Foundational Damages
  2. Blocked Sewers
  3. Toilet Overflow
  4. Broken Pipes

Knowing the four most common types of plumbing problems can help you better prepare for future incidents and what you should do when faced with these issues. 

Foundational Damages in Commercial Building

Foundational damages are any kind of damage to the structure, whether interior or exterior, that is affecting the entire property. These damages can look like: 

  • Cracks in the wall
  • Foundation sinking or settling
  • Warping or uneven floors
  • Plumbing issues

Any sort of movement within the structure or foundation of your commercial building has the potential to cause sewage problems on your property. The shifting foundation can put too much pressure or force on your plumbing system and create extensive amounts of damages. Foundational damages often go unnoticed until the plumbing or sewage is disrupted. Not only do foundational damages cause sewage problems, but it can happen the other way around as well. When water or sewage has been running for extended periods of time, it eventually causes cracks to appear on walls and warped, uneven floors. Be aware of the condition of your foundation, and if you notice anything odd, contact a restoration team near you. 

Blocked Sewers Affecting You

One of the most obvious signs of sewage problems in your commercial building is an odd odor. If you smell anything out of the ordinary, and if it specifically doesn’t smell right, then you might have some sewer blockage. If any of your sewer lines are blocked, then it will eventually back up into the drains and pipes of your commercial building. Blocked sewage lines can cause damage to your ceilings, floors, walls and sometimes your foundation. To avoid sewage backup in your commercial property, always pay close attention to how long it takes for the water to drain down the sink, toilet, etc. If water is taking longer to drain, that’s an indication of a clogged sewer line. Gurgling noises coming from the sink and strong smells coming from the water are also telltale signs of blockage. If you suspect your sewage line is blocked or clogged, JGB Restoration can be on your property for water damage inspection before it’s too late. 

Overflowing the Toilet

Probably THE most common sewage problem in any commercial building is an overflowing toilet. Sometimes when you flush the toilet, the bowl doesn’t empty like it should. Instead, the water rises, causing a disaster all over the bathroom floor. A toilet overflow can happen because of weak/partial flushing or a clogged drain. The chances are higher your commercial business has a blocked drain if it overflows when you flush. Typical causes for an overflowing toilet include: 

  1. Flushing too much waste at once
  2. Using the toilet to dispose of non-flushable products (pads, tampons, paper, diapers, etc.)
  3. Flushing kitchen waste or pet waste
  4. Partial flushing because of older low-flow toilets

To prevent future incidents, keep an eye out for how quickly the water drains after you flush and if the toilet is making any odd noises. If you suspect your toilet is clogged, contact a plumber immediately before using the toilet again. 

Commercial Building with Broken Pipes

A water leak is the first sign there could be a broken water pipe within your commercial building. Other signs of broken pipes include fluctuating water pressure, discolored water, high water bills and water marks on the ceiling or walls. There are several reasons why your commercial building might have a broken pipe: 

  1. Cold or freezing temperatures 
  2. Corrosion
  3. Too much water pressure
  4. Movement of the pipes from foundational damages

Any one of these reasons can cause catastrophic damage to your commercial building. If you suspect any broken or burst pipes on your property, take action quickly and shut off your water. If you already have visible water damage, call JGB Restoration for emergency water remediation services. We can help you find the source and combat the property damages. 

Knowing some of the most common sewage problems in a commercial building can help you prepare if these issues do happen to your business. Always pay attention to how your water is draining and any foundational changes to your commercial building. If you have any questions or think you might have a sewage problem in your property, contact our professionals at JGB Restoration. We can help you through these issues before severe damages occur!