Grey water comes from a leaky shower, appliance or roof. Unlike clean Category One water from a broken pipe that can be resolved through water pipe repair and timely drying, Category Two water is contaminated and this damage calls for disinfection. If Category Two water damage occurs at a commercial building in Laguna Beach, CA, the owner or manager should take immediate action.

Grey Water Is Category 2 Damage

Grey water is considered Category Two damage because it has the potential to contain more contaminants than the clean, treated water involved in Category One damage. As a result, the following mitigation measures must be taken:

Extract standing water
Clean the affected area
Disinfect building materials and contents

Category Two grey water is less contaminated than Category Three black water, which contains solid waste. Porous building materials exposed to water with any level of contamination may need to be torn out to avoid recontamination and reduce mold risks.

Grey Water Is Contaminated

Building owners who put off water pipe repair and water damage cleanup effectively transform clean Category One water into contaminated Category Two gray water. Standing water or water leaking between the floors of a structure degrades in condition as it accumulates chemicals, debris and microbes.

Clean and Disinfect Damage

Any part of a commercial building that has come into contact with gray water must be cleaned and sanitized. Harmful pathogens and contaminants present in this water could get absorbed into porous building materials or contents. Items from a flooded structure that cannot be completely disinfected should be disposed of and replaced.

In addition to extracting contaminated water and cleaning an area, it is necessary to address the source of grey water inside a building in Laguna Beach, CA. Whereas water pipe repair can address the source of Category One water damage, Category Two could necessitate fixing a leaky roof or appliance.