After fire damage occurs at your Laguna Hills place of business, you may find that water damage is present as well. There's a few things you may want to know about this phenomenon as the idea of damage from water occurring after a fire may seem strange. Here are the answers to three commonly asked questions.

1. Water Damage Is Normal

It may help to know that water damage after a fire is a normal occurrence. This is because suppression efforts such as the water from a fire hose or overhead sprinklers can lead to possible flooding. Fortunately, JGB Restoration already know that there is a risk of water caused damage any time a fire occurs. They should already be prepared for possible water cleanup.

2. It Should Be Cleaned Up Quickly

Any flooding or other water related damages found during a fire damage cleanup should be repaired as quickly as possible. The longer water is allowed to sit the more damage it has the possibility to do. Water can soak into the structure leading to warped wood, cracked stone work, and crumbling drywall.

3. A Restoration Team Can Help

Fortunately, a local restoration service should be able to help. These professionals have the tools and equipment needed to clean up and restore fire damage, but they should also be trained to handle water-related damages as well. This means you can work with one, the complete restoration of your business property. In many cases your insurance company may also have a preferred restoration service who can perform these tasks.

It's important to note that fire damage may also lead to damage from water. This usually occurs during the fire suppression process where water from overhead sprinklers or a fire hose can cause flooding. This water should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Fortunately, JGB Restoration is able to help 24/7.