An apartment fire can be devastating for both tenants and owners. After a disaster, many people are left wondering what each of these parties is responsible for. Knowing what to expect after a fire can ease the process for everyone involved. If you have experienced a fire in Laguna Hills, CA, you should check with your insurance company to find out exactly what your policy covers. However, the demarcation point usually lies in what each person brought into the arrangement.

Responsibilities of the Building Owner

As a building owner, you are generally responsible for anything that is part of the unit or was there before the tenant moved in as long it was not an act of arson from the resident. Check with your insurance company to see how much of the damage your policy will cover. Owners can expect to repair or replace items that are necessary for the form, safety, and function of each unit:

Hardwood, laminate, or linoleum
Walls and doors
Electrical systems
Plumbing systems

Since building owners are required to keep units in a livable condition that is reasonably healthy and safe, it is important to fix all the fire damage before a tenant moves back in. Basically, if it was there before anyone moved in or is part of the unit itself, it is the responsibility of the owner to fix it. Owners are not responsible for personal items that belong to the tenants.

Duties of the Tenant

Whenever possible, tenants should purchase fire insurance to help offset replacement costs in the case of an apartment fire. Whether covered by renter's insurance or not, tenants are responsible for anything they brought into the unit. This includes all personal belongings such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, and electronic devices.

Recovering from an apartment fire takes a coordinated effort between renters, building owners, emergency crews, insurance companies, and cleanup and restoration professionals. If you have experienced a fire in one of your units, call the professionals at JGB restoration.